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A Progress Update

While I have finished the first two books of the Earthsea cycle and will get around to reviewing each book individually for Education is Punk I am pulling focus back to The Mystic and the Prince (the first post of which is here). I would also urge anyone who is reading this to follow myContinue reading “A Progress Update”

Episode Review: Mandalorian Chapter 5 / Quick Response to Investors Day

by Nick Wager Quick fun fact about the above scene: Mark Hamill voices the “tin can” bartender in this episode. This episode begins with a bit of octane as Mando and The Child are in a small dogfight with another bounty hunter in space. This is the first time we have a space battle inContinue reading “Episode Review: Mandalorian Chapter 5 / Quick Response to Investors Day”

Movie Review: “Parasite”

https://wputimes.wordpress.com/2020/05/02/social-satire-class-struggle-puts-parasite-on-must-watch-list/ “Parasite” is a carefully crafted South Korean film about class and follows a family as they struggle to find employment to stay afloat. Throughout the 2019 film, they are able to convince a wealthy family to…well, to say more would be to ruin the delightful premise of the story. But, if you’ve been strugglingContinue reading “Movie Review: “Parasite””


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