Spec Article: The Mandalorian Season 2

The Mandalorian ​Season 2​ ​to bring ​Star Wars The Clone Wars ​animated fan favorite to life By ​Nick Wager January 26, 2020 After a phenomenal introduction season in late 2019, T​he Mandalorian​ has left fans with an enormous amount of questions and a plethora of anticipation which has sparked videos and articles galore. There’s noContinue reading “Spec Article: The Mandalorian Season 2”

Spec Advert: John’s Car Dealership

Change my tires? Why? by NICK WAGER JANUARY 11, 2020 We all have those vivid memories of daydreaming on long car rides: peering out the window and wondering about any number of things. Somehow, though, I’m willing to bet that not many of us were daydreaming about the upkeep that went with owning the vehicleContinue reading “Spec Advert: John’s Car Dealership”

Episode Review: Mandalorian Chapter 1

November 2019 A unique blending of authenticity and familiarity makes Lucasfilm’s the Mandalorian a phenomenon that makes for arduous articulation. That is not to say that breaking down the wonder of this pilot episode of the new Star Wars series is impossible. Everything about this show has something wonderful on which to comment. The opening,Continue reading “Episode Review: Mandalorian Chapter 1”