My First Published Movie Review: “Parasite” “Parasite” is a carefully crafted South Korean film about class and follows a family as they struggle to find employment to stay afloat. Throughout the 2019 film, they are able to convince a wealthy family to…well, to say more would be to ruin the delightful premise of the story. But, if you’ve been strugglingContinue reading “My First Published Movie Review: “Parasite””

The Mystic & The Princess Season 1 Character Profiles

Another unsexy part of building a story, character profiles may be tedious and a bit repetitive but they inform the story more than most pieces in a story’s folder. Unlike the previous post, this piece is a part of one of my current projects. Peruse and enjoy the character profiles for my latest Star WarsContinue reading “The Mystic & The Princess Season 1 Character Profiles”

Star Wars: Vulisen Spors Spec Family Trees

Perhaps this isn’t the most glamorous corner of the creative writing scene, however it’s often an extremely important part of the process. While I am no longer working on this particular project and some of the dates may be off, I felt like this was worth sharing. Not only because some of these lineages areContinue reading “Star Wars: Vulisen Spors Spec Family Trees”

The Mystic & The Princess: Star Wars Spec Outline Season 1

The year is 2681 ABY. Many planets are left on their own to keep what remains of the peace. Onderon has been under the rule of the Fel Dynasty for nearly a century. The farther away from the Imperial City one roams, the higher the level of unrest. Disorder will soon become evident. Something brewsContinue reading “The Mystic & The Princess: Star Wars Spec Outline Season 1”