Thursday, March 4, 2021 Update: Next

Welcome to a magnificent update on wonderful happenings!

The Mystic & the Prince

Alongside Education is Punk, I will be using this blog as a starting point as I begin to write a new book! After complications with Amazon Direct Publishing, some personal issues with themes, and the design flop of my previous two book publications (Oliver Caine and Doodling with Words), I took some time to really plan and think about what kind of story I wanted to tell, in what medium(s), and when I wanted to go for it. Well, that decision has been crystalizing daily. Right now, I am working towards the first episode of a short web series while I flesh out characters and story points for a short novel/novella to be released – with a little help and pixie dust – by 2023. However, that is just a ballpark timeline right now and is super subject to change (so follow/subscribe for future updates).

An Overview

I am beyond excited to start sharing these characters here – but first! I’d like to set the scene just a little bit, then share the journey this story as taken thus far.

The genre? Fantasy, with some science fiction atmosphere. The setting? A forest village called Regaufel, nation Clonaav, on the planet called Teth. Much of the atmosphere and chemical makeup of the planet resembles Our Earth. For now, though, we will not be going too far outside of Regaufel and the conflicts in their somewhat remote village in the woods. The next closest village is a two week’s march; one week on horseback. An Elvin/19th century Netherlands blend.

Project History

This all began as a preliminary Capstone project idea towards the end of 2019 when I was deciding between waiting to take the Production Capstone, or if I would mask my aspirations for producing a short film in a Public Relations project promoting this cool thing I made while also graduating a little earlier (after an already tumultuous college experience). So, I wrote a 90-page script demonstrating something I think it’s about time mainstream children’s entertainment did more. Specifically, I wanted to use the lens of traditional animation to illustrate a real to life representation – non-coding, non-baiting, non-pathologizing – and full integration of a lead LGBTQIA+ couple. To back up my goal, I read quite a few peer reviewed essays about Yogi Bear’s relationship with Boo Boo, Pinky & the Brain, and the strides that are happening now on shows like Steven Universe and She-Ra and the Princess of Power. The project culminated in a presentation and final script that my professor compared with kind to a final MFA thesis project.

While I will always have this script saved in seven different places and may one day release it in full on this page, I am not made of money currently and do not yet have all the skills needed to produce a feature length animated film. However, I love these characters, and the themes that my wonderful friends have listened to me drone on about for over a year now – some even lending great critique along the way! So, I’ve changed my scope, and taken on what I believe is something I can accomplish. I have been taking instruction and courses in cartooning and 2D animation for a few months now and continue every day. I am always polishing my writing and, as you’ll see as I update Education is Punk, I have been challenging my views on anything and everything, especially when it comes to fantasy and queer history.

I appreciate the role I am taking here and I do not take it for granted. I have lived an individual queer story and I am in no way taking this on with any assumption of its universality. Between reading and listening, I do not plan on slowing down when it comes to working on understanding different perspectives on any single issue. Nor will this be a reinvention of the LGBTQIA+ experience; instead, I hope and I plan to present queer realities in a way that is seamless, honest, and irrefutably Normal.

As always, I love input and critique. Feel free to go over to my contact page or find me on any social media and shout your opinions in all caps. Please be kind and honest.

Funny animal content is always appreciated.

Expect character outlines of our protagonists, Eagol and Themis, as well as our antagonist, Uel:

Tomorrow, March 5, 2021

Welcome to the process of writing The Mystic & The Prince!

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