Education is Punk

This post will be updated with important books that we think are vital to learning more about the world in which we live. Each title will have a short description, an overview of its current relevance to our world, and a link to a local book shop that has said book in stock or has the ability to get it.

Not only must we educate ourselves but we must also get our recourses from locally owned locales if we are going to gain the widespread awareness needed to incite real change.

1. Black No More (1931) by George S. SchuylerA satirical look at 1930s America, in which a distinguished doctor has come up with a procedure to turn darker pigmentations of skin white. When the majority of the black community goes through the process, we see how this alternative history plays out and effects the world at large. Not only does Schuyler expose the vitality of the race problem in America at a pivotal time for civil rights, but he also sheds light on the deeper issue of class in America at this time that has transcended to the present issues in our nation.

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