The Mystic & The Princess: Star Wars Spec Outline Season 1

The year is 2681 ABY. Many planets are left on their own to keep what remains of the peace. Onderon has been under the rule of the Fel Dynasty for nearly a century. The farther away from the Imperial City one roams, the higher the level of unrest. Disorder will soon become evident. Something brews in the Outskirts.

Onderonian Nights – Marasiah Fel is the Human daughter of the benevolent King of Onderon, Roan Fel. She is now, late in her teen years, starting to witness some of the suffering of the poorer people in the Outskirts past the Imperial City and longs to make real change. Tahl Jindau, a young Force-sensitive Noorian woman of a similar age, is an orphan living in the Outskirts. She has started receiving a reputation as a masked thief, otherwise known as the Mystic. At night, she tells stories to the orphan girls in her camp about the spirits of old and what she knows of the Force. Tahl spends her days daydreaming of royal life.

One day, Marasiah, nicknamed Sia, dons a disguise and heads to the Outskirts to talk with the citizens. She finds herself in trouble when a group of vornskrs surround her. Sensing her danger, Tahl is able to intervene–knowing how to combat the creatures from living with them all her life–and save Sia. They then lament about their respective struggles (“Trapped”). Suddenly, they’re attacked by more vornskrs and in the commotion, Sia trips and falls, and her disguise falls off long enough for someone to notice. She runs off to her speeder, embarrassed, and leaves for the palace. 

That night, Tahl tells the orphans of her adventure with the Princess. The others express their disgust for the royalty, and among them are Dranna, Elasia, and Tulamo; three orphan siblings who are so fed up with the royal house that they steal some of Tahl’s books on the Force to guide them on a quest to an unknown region of the planet. 

To quell the rest of the Outskirts citizens, Tahl agrees to venture to the Capital and reason with the Princess. 

The Hidden Masters – Dranna, Elasia, and Tulamo are able to sneak onto a transport headed to the mountainous region where it’s said there is a burial ground of the ancient Sith. On the transport, they’re able to obtain more information about the Sith teachings via a stranded data pad.

Meanwhile, Tahl starts her journey through the deep jungle to get to the inner kingdom city.  Upon entering the crowded brush, she comes across a small hoojib being cornered by a couple vornsyrs. She saves him and names him Wixxie (editorial: based on the Chinese word Xiwang roughly meaning Hope). Tahl and Wixxie continue into the jungle toward some ruins Tahl notices in the distance. 

Getting off the train far on the other side of the planet, Dranna, Elasia, and Tulamo discuss the need for change on Onderon and that the Bogan teaching (dark side) is the answer. An uprising against the Kingdom rule in the city. They pass through the town and are almost to the mountain region when they are stopped by palace guards. While Tulamo cowers and Elasia fumes, Dranna attempts to plead with the guards, but to no avail. After a short chase, the guards attack the three. They beat the guards back. Dranna and Tulamo see this as the opportunity they needed and begin to flee. However, Elasia takes a different opportunity, pulls a laser knife, and kills the guards before they can call in the incident. 

Now approaching the ruins, Tahl starts to recognize some markings as ancient Ashla markings. Then she and Wixxie come across a lived-in hut. There, they meet Haruun Dahn-Jinn, a light side user who has exiled himself. She implores him to team up with her to negotiate with the monarchy to help the Outskirts people. 

The other three approach a cave in the mountains that exudes dark side energy. Upon entering, they hear a dark voice calling them forth. 

Rough to be a Diamond – Sia sits alone by a fountain in the kingdom city behind protective walls with her constant companion, Jaraji, a large female nexu that was once her mother’s companion before the incident. She is being forced by her father to take a partner, and since she will not choose another being, her father has set up a ceremony for any man or woman from the kingdom who could compete for her hand in marriage. 

The competition plays out much to Sia’s dismay. In between events, she is forced to meet with these beings for their chance to court her. All the while she is planning an escape route in secret. 

In the chaos and exhilaration of the final competition, Sia executes her plan with tremendous success. She manages to mount Jaraji and escape before anyone can realize what happened. 

With a picture of her mother close to her, she decides that finding her mother is her objective and nothing will get in her way. 

Ashla Kid – Some weeks later, Tahl is working hard on seemingly menial tasks around Haruun’s campsite. At his instruction, she is watering plants, spraying the perimeter for vornskyrs, cleaning speeder bikes, and other work of this nature, while he preaches the old ways of the Jedi and the Ashla to expand her mind on the teachings of the Force. 

After her chores, Tahl is given readings to do while Haruun prepares the night’s meal. It becomes clear that Tahl is growing weary of these monotonous exercises and she begins to wonder what good this will do in the fight to regain freedom from monarchical oppression. Many parallels here

Haruun explains that the only way they can beat oppression is to show resolve, endurance, and patience. They also incorporate spiritual practices of mindfulness, concentration, and periodical fasting. In addition, they start endurance exercises. 

At first, Tahl fails miserably; then, she nearly gets it but fails; then, finally, the episode ends with her succeeding and Wixxie celebrating with joy. 

Haruun then agrees that it is time to make the trek to the villages to start energizing a movement. 

The Bogan Bunch – About a month passes: Dranna, Elasia, and Tulamo return to the dark side cave with creature carcasses and battle scars. A woman in a mask, Lumiya, greets them. It is clear that she has already been successful in teaching them much about the emotional indulgence that goes along with Bogan traditions. Even Tulamo is already far on the dark path. 

Continuing her role as leader of the three, Elasia pushes Lumiya to teach them more and to build their ranks in order to overthrow the government of Onderon. She says they must complete one last mission before they are to charge the capital and take the planet. They must track down Haruun Dahn-Jinn and destroy him. Elasia pushes back, confused at how killing one man–and not building an army–would benefit them. Lumiya berades Elasia for her disobedience, both physically and verbally. The other two make themselves scarce. 

Dranna and Tulamo secretly convene and express their jealousy for Elasia’s power and their doubts about Lumiya’s secrecy. 

The Phantom Mother – Sia enters a village called Ediutho and hides out there for a few days while she questions people about her mother. At the same time, while listening to stories in the cafés in the village, she begins to hear stories about a dark force working to overthrow the kingdom – led by the masked fallen Jedi, Lumiya.

She meets an elderly couple; a woman named Remiorth and a man named Erthefa who agree to lend her and Jaraji shelter in the village. While eating dinner with them, she finds out that the kingdom is in disarray looking for her. Unbeknownst to Sia, the couple is Force sensitive and is onto the fact that she is, in fact, the Princess. 

To keep her busy during this time, they decide to put Sia to work in their medicine shoppe, and Jaraji is given the duty of keeping the herds of orlax at bay. 

Black Wing Rising – Lumiya sends Dranna, Elasia, and Tulamo on a supply run so they could begin building droids to assist them in their efforts. Once gone, Lumiya descends a secret passage to a room beneath their base — practically a mass grave. 

Dranna and Tulamo keep their distance from Elasia as much as they can. They decide to take in some sights on the way, while Elasia constantly urges them to get back to the task at hand. 

After concocting some magick a large shadow-like creature appears before Lumiya. She seeks council about the ways she can summon an army of the dead that’s in the room around her. The figure, named Ziost, says she can imbue Lumiya with her full dark side arsenal from a hundred million years of direct cosmic connection. In order to complete the transfer, Lumiya must drain the Force powers from a Jedi. Haruun Dahn-Jinn. 

After the meeting with Ziost, Lumiya sends a message to her three apprentices, demanding that they return at once. 

Dranna and Tulamo think it would be wise to finish the list before returning, much to the chagrin of Elasia. Eventually, though, Elasia is able to convince them to return to base. And they do so. 

Once back, Lumiya describes their new mission, leaving out the details about Ziost and the army of the dead. She then explains how to find Haruun and what to expect. 

After Lumiya leaves them for her above fortress, Elasia lies still in her bed, Tulamo paces the floor in anguish, and Dranna nervously scribbles in her journal. Elasia attempts a pep talk, but it doesn’t do much for the other two. There is a disconnection. 

Arrival at Cruitmeren – While Dranna and Tulamo reluctantly join Elasia on the mission to somehow kidnap Haruun, Haruun and Tahl, along with Wixxie, arrive at a village called Cruitmeren. 

The people there seem discontent with the Kingdom. In fact, some even seem glad that the Princess has disappeared, making the King nervous and causing the enforcing guards to be distracted and spread thin. 

After all three of them walk through town a while getting a feel for the people, they split up: Haruun heads to the capitol building while Tahl and Wixxie go to the library right next door. 

Dranna spends much of the start of the trip to find Haruun apologizing to Elasia for doubting the plans. She expresses her fears and the two have a rather profound conversation. Meanwhile, Tulamo stays quiet, still unsure of his sisters’ actions. Nonetheless, when they come up against some guards, he has no issue using his new powers of the dark side to murder them. 

At the library, Wixxie plays around with some other small creatures that are with human/human-like companions while Tahl studies diligently and makes copies of texts that she deems necessary to hold onto. 

Haruun is having a pleasant meeting with Mayor Lehprendla when there is a stir to the north. The mayor explains that it happens often: the population of dalgos in the Imperial City is too large and the officials often let the surplus of the wild beasts loose, causing sporadic mayhem. Haruun agrees to take care of the problem if the mayor allows him to speak to the people of the village: to relay his call to action. 

Meanwhile, Elasia confronts Tulamo about his somber tone and lack of enthusiasm. He expresses his doubts, and all three of them come to an agreement that Lumiya isn’t exactly the most trustworthy. They agree to do as she says, but to stay weary and take as much for themselves as they can. 

Back in the village, Haruun and Tahl manage to find an area just out of town that is a large enough open field to create a pathway for the dalgo, solving the mayor’s problem and gaining his trust. 

Elasia, Tulamo, and Dranna set up a camp in the jungle as they are another few days trek to where the tracker has Haruun last. 

Family Redefined – The Kingdom is in disarray. Where is the Princess? How could this happen? Blame is being thrown around, general chaos ensues. King Roan Fel is struggling to keep everybody at bay while keeping himself from sheer panic. 

He enlists a team of his most elite guards known as the Ershars as a search party to begin looking for Marasiah in the immediate villages around the Imperial Capital – the first one being Tholtaca. 

Back in Cruitmeren, Sia arrives atop Jaraji as discreetly as possible. She is greeted by a small girl and her father, alone on a lonely piece of land. They offer her and Jaraji shelter. The little girl shows her around the farm, excited to have a guest. 

In the center of town, Haruun is leading a group of villagers in a meditation, leading them through basic Force skills. He states that those that can connect with the Force will and those that cannot will gain a deeper insight nonetheless. Nearby, Tahl talks with Lehprendla about the logistics of banning the village together to meet the need of leveling the planet’s playing field. They discuss the separation of military and essential needs otherwise, protection and mobilization. 

The Ershars are forceful in their search of Tholtaca, however they do not act out of malice. While many villagers are uncomfortable with the occupation, the Erashars assure them that it’s temporary and the people seem to want to help find the Princess. 

Sia spends time getting to know the little girl and her father. She sees reflections of herself in the child and King Roan in the single father. They discuss family, abandonment, and how to overcome. This culminates in a hologram appearing to them at the dinner table. 

Mayor Lehprendla stands in front of the village’s government building and gives a speech in front of a crowd of villagers. It is also being broadcast to several homes and other areas throughout the town. He speaks of responsibility, of finally getting what everybody deserves. He tells the people while there should be no ill will or hatred pointed toward the Kingdom, especially now with the missing Princess, and that beings aren’t evil, but rather the people are caught in tides of evil [reminiscent of this], this injustice must be addressed. Some are hesitant to hear the full scope of the call and many are frightened, but on the whole, the village agrees to answer the call. Including Sia, coming forward to work with them to negotiate with her father. 

An Equalizing Movement – Lumiya convenes with Ziost and discusses the plans that follow Haruun’s capture. Ziost instructs Lumiya in the art of Force Drain and its effects. Ziost then seems to end the transmission before Lumiya has all the available information. 

Following the information provided by Lumiya, Elasia, Tulamo and Dranna enter Cruitmeren. They steadily make their way to the center of the village while sticking to the shadows. On their way, Elasia and Dranna form a plan. 

Haruun is leading the villagers in another meditation session, getting them in tune with the life Force around them and preaching a discipline of civil disobedience and how they will succeed in their quest for equality. 

Meanwhile, Tahl and Sia share a few warm moments together in the library while learning and teaching each other. Sia becomes more enlightened about the inequality around the planet, and Tahl becomes more sympathetic toward the efforts of the Kingdom. It is clear that they are not evil, as the mayor had mentioned. 

Still hiding in the shadows of the wooded areas of town, Elasia, Dranna, and Tulamo finalize their plan. Dranna contacts Lumiya to request Code Negative. They initiate the first steps. 

While sharing a cup of tea with Tahl, Sia, and the mayor, Haruun senses the evil plan in motion. 

Code Negative – Lumiya sends a band of yslamari, escorted by four astromech droids, to Cruitmeren as requested by Dranna. She then convenes with Ziost to update the dark side spirit of the plan. 

Haruun leads a lesson in meditational self-defense with a store of shields the mayor discovered, seemingly abandoned from the last great war. However Haruun’s focus is sporadically broken due to sensing darkness in the Force. Some villagers begin to sense this, too. 

Tahl and Sia have been put to task to travel (with Wixxie and Jaraji) to the neighboring villages to spread the word with the Mayor’s Gungan Ambassador, Representative RJ Kinns. They have themselves packed when Tahl senses the same disruption as Haruun. Just as she begins to verbalize her concern to Sia, she’s left speechless and confused. Shaking it off, they proceed on their journey to the next village: Wotpesta. 

At the same time, the yslamari and the droids enter the village, emanating their Force-blocking bubble. They reach the Bogan Bunch. Elasia, Tulamo and the droids head to the center of town, while Dranna leads the yslamari to places where they cannot be spotted, high in trees and in buildings around the town. 

As the defense lesson ends, a small child asks Haruun if he can help her get a toy that fell off a ledge. He attempts to use the Force to lift it but is unable to. His stomach flips and he warns the town of his fears, urging them to get ready for danger. 

Suddenly, there’s a huge flash bang and a smoke bomb, sending most of the people into a defense stance. Vision is stunted for most and blurred, and Haruun is knocked to the ground. There is some fighting but mostly just widespread confusion. 

Tahl and Sia, partway to Wotpesta, see the smoke and immediately rush back. 

Back in town, Elasia and Tulamo emerge from the smoke carrying Haruun. Dranna quickly meets up with them, carrying one yslamari. She places it on her back as they make their way back to Lumiya. 

Sia and Tahl make it back to the village and the townspeople explain what happened. A small group of people claimed that in the woods they saw a young woman leading around some lizard-like creatures. They lead Sia and Tahl to the site. Sia immediately identifies it and says there is a spell in the art of Magicks that can reverse their effect. After some of the villagers gather together some ingredients for her, she conducts the spell. Tahl then gets the little girl her toy from earlier, proving that the spell worked. 

Elasia, Tulamo, and Dranna return to Lumiya and present her with Haruun. Gleeful in this triumph, she congratulates the three and rewards them each with items appearing to be Sith artifacts. Haruun remains unconscious. 

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