Spec Feature: A New Star Wars Timeframe

February 2020

The Jedi Knights are now known as the Ashla Protectors.

The story of Rey Skywalker is now a lesson in galactic history for the young beacons of hope throughout the galaxy. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa have transcended past the hyperbole of myth and into the galactic collective consciousness.

Kylo Ren and Ben Solo: now a cautionary tale about corruption and manipulation by the evils of the Sith Lords of old and the dark forces that haven’t been seen in nearly a century.

The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances has seen nearly 70 years of relative peace under the benevolent rule of Leader Ania Osallar, and her mother, Jaina, before her.

However, new cunning threats have descended upon the galaxy; the likes of which have yet to be explored.

In the past 40 years of ​our​ history, we have ​officially​ experienced about 80 years of ​Star Wars ​history.

This spans from Claudia Grey’s ​Master & Apprentice​ novel (about 40 BBY or Before the Battle of Yavin) all the way through the recent release of JJ Abram’s film ​The Rise of Skywalker (about 35 ABY or After the Battle of Yavin). And while the new ​Star Wars material isn’t slowing down, much of the content Lucasfilm plans to release in ​our ​near future will happen between these already established parameters.

While conducting some interviews with local Star Wars ​fans, we have unearthed a desire for ​Star Wars ​adventures set further than even the ​Legends canon had ever ventured. A few local collaborators have been brainstorming some ideas onto which other fans are starting to latch.

“These new stories would pick up about five years after the Legends run of Legacy II,” said spearhead spec-writer Waylon Nichols. “That would place it around 145 ABY at the start.”

Nichols and one of his collaborators, Ben Connors, have been working on this idea for a few years now. They say it’s about time for ​Star Wars ​to build new characters and stories that don’t rely solely on the established relationships and names created by George Lucas.

“George is ​the guy,” said an enthused Connors. “But when you have an entire galaxy to work with and all that world building that he did with [Dave] Filoni and all the areas of the universe where they kinda said, ‘This can be used for something, but not right now.’ Someone’s gotta open those doors.”

The two believe that as per Star Wars ​tradition, there should be enough of a gap between the established chronology and the new story. “I want a kid growing up to see that there’s a hundred year gap in the timeline and go, ‘I know what could happen there!’” Nichols beamed.

The two went on to explain that the story would begin with a Human man in his late 50s named Regaw’kinn Jomascher and his adopted G​hular​ daughter, Cerasi. Regaw’kinn is a Consular Ashla (meaning he focuses on the Force over combat) and is training Cerasi in the same sect of the Ashla Protectors. The only issue is that Cerasi wishes to be an Ashla Sentinel, or more of a force-sensitive police officer, as Nichols described it.

We also spoke with Jamie Fishman who has started to work on formatting scripts for this adventure, which she thinks will best serve the story as a live-action television series for Disney+. Fishman stated, “This interpersonal conflict will be crucial for the beginning of the series. That’s what ​Star Wars ​is.” She then recalled interviews of George Lucas describing Star Wars ​as a soap opera. “It’s relationship drama. It’s high school in space. It’s Anakin like-likes Padmé but he’s too afraid to ask her out. Obi-Wan, what should I do? I’m dreaming about her all the time! But I can’t!”

This small band of young writers clearly has a vision about where this story will go. With a couple decades of writing experience between them and nearly half a century of ​Star Wars ​research under their belts, it’s safe to say that with the right lightspeed coordinates, these scruffy-looking nerf herders would be on their way to getting their stories realized in a galaxy far, far away!

Published by Nick Wager

Writer, videographer, video editor

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